Support Us

Here at Hoagie’s House the needs of the animals always come first. If you can help out our seniors, let us know. Our wish list is always changing…

  1. Generator (to run the well pump when the power goes out)
  2. Clean towels and blankets
  3. Fencing materials
  4. Cleaning supplies (animal and environmentally friendly)

Anything you send us goes directly to the care and support of these animals and we are grateful for any and all help.



7 thoughts on “Support Us

  1. Hi Tracy this is Jill Cameron at Foster Pets NW here in Amboy. Could you give me a call at 360-247-7488. I would like to speak with you for a few minutes Thanks. Jill


    1. HI Candy in Kauai
      Are you part of the Running Club over there? We love following that group
      We are still on the hunt for a generator. We have a neighbor who let us borrow his this last winter but we do t want to sbuse that kindness. We are looking at one in the 3-500 range. We depend on a well for our water and need one large enough to run the pump. I guess those things draw a lot of power.


      1. I will definitely pay for the generator as you have agreed to take my foster – Mia – a loving, adorable older gal. We are waiting for someone to escort her to Seattle. You are working with my friend, Dinah.
        Please let me know your received this and where to send my check. Don’t know how to go about gofundme and would rather work directly with you. Mahalo, Candy


  2. Aloha: yes, part of the Runners Club and KAWS. Could you do some inquiring about where you could get that generator and the cost? Can’t really domitmfrom here. Mahalo, Candy


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