Sam came to us from Clackamas County Animal Control after being picked up by a Clackamas County deputy when he was found wandering around Milwaukie, Oregon. It was apparent he had been a street dog for some time. He was very thin, had a severe ear infection and was missing all the hair on the rear half of his body. They had him on 5 different medications when we took him. It didn’t take long for Sam to start putting on weight and his skin condition cleared up with a diet of chicken, green beans and sweet potatoes.
Sam is an accomplished counter surfer and quite often will beg off the morning walk to peruse the selection of bread we have inadvertently left sitting up there. He’s been known to help himself to and entire batch of bran muffins even though that means spending the next several hours outside, because, well, bran muffins. He suffers horribly from grass allergies that will have him chewing his paws for hours until they are raw, so he is on some medication for that. He has slowed down this last year and is content to spend most of his time on his bed in front of the wood stove, waiting for his next meal.


Here is a picture of Sam the day he came home to us.


He settled right in on the couch and started snoring.


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