Oscar, along with Sam, came to us through Clackamas County Animal Control after his family of 8 years decided they couldn’t have both grandchildren and a dog. They dropped him off there and he spent six months stressed out, anxious and barking constantly before we found him. He was one of those dogs who do so horribly in a traditional shelter environment. It was doubtful he was going anywhere and his time was running short there. Not a month after we had taken Sam out of there, we were back to bring Oscar home. He spent the first year waking us up at 6:00am on the nose for breakfast and to be outside. Who can blame him after six months in a kennel. He’s a larger breed Weimaraner/Labrador mix who although almost ten years old, needs quite a lot of exercise. We’ve finally gotten him to let us sleep to 8:00 most mornings and for that we are quite thankful. He’s full of personality, loves everyone, loves his walks and insists on them rain or shine. Most days he can be found following Shelly around outside moving from chore to chore.