Sleepy Lips

Mia is a girl we ended up breaking our own rule for. Our philosophy is that we would work with local shelters and take local dogs as we feel there is enough need here in our own backyard and our resources and space are limited. Mia came to us from Kaua’i through KAWS. Kauai Animal Welfare Society. These folks started out as a group of runners, mostly women, who would go into the shelter there on Kauai and take the dogs out for runs and socializing, getting them some exercise and time with people with the hope that they would become more adoptable. The kill rate at this shelter is astronomical so every dog they can get adopted there or off of the island to be adopted, is a small victory.
Mia is a boxer/pitbull mix on the smaller side, somewhere between 10-12 years old. She is mostly deaf and has only one eye. The running club pulled Mia from the shelter because they had a short term foster care situation for her and were just hoping to buy her some time. Candy, her foster mom, took Mia in and showered her with love. She paid for the surgery to remove her infected eye and several growths that would eventually become a problem with the hope that she would be more adoptable. But no one came for Mia and Candy could only foster for a few months. The time came when Mia either had to have a forever home or go back into the shelter where she would be put down within hours as they do not keep dogs with any flaws or even try to put them on the adoption floor. So KAWS called us. We had formed somewhat of a relationship with them when one of their members came to visit us two years prior, just to see what we do.
So they put Mia on a plane and we went and picked her up in Seattle on a rainy night.
It didn’t take her long to settle right in. She busted Arlo right out of his spot on the bed and will only go for a walk when the mood strikes her. We are continually amazed that no one would step forward to adopt this sweet, sweet girl but we are secretly thankful that no one did because we can’t imagine not having her here with us.