Leo is a very special boy for us. His story is unusual and it’s amazing this guy is still alive. He was wandering the woods up in Cle Elum Washington for an entire summer and into November. The local folks in the town had noticed him in early July and had been trying for months to lure him in to no avail. He was ten miles out of town and living on his own. No one knew where he had come from. Every time he was spotted he was just a little thinner and more ragged looking and they knew he would not survive much longer. One animal loving woman spent several nights in her car, in the woods, waiting for Leo to come close enough to the food and water she had put out so she could get a hold of him. Finally, one day in November a friend who just happened to be staying in a cabin in the area and had heard the story of Leo the Lost, put some food and a bed outside their cabin door and he wandered in to eat. She got a leash on him and that was the beginning Leo’s road back. They, along with many locals and the help of the Forest Service folks in the area, got him to the local vet. He was near death and a bath, vaccines, too much food, all this could push him over the edge and kill him. Our friend called us and asked could we take him. We weren’t quite ready for a new addition, but how could we say no to this? So Leo came to Hoagie’s House. With eyes that said he had given up, a matted coat full of fleas and ticks and weighing less than half that of a dog his breed should, we watched as this guy fought his way back to life. Very small meals 4-5 times a day, slowly brushing out his matted fur, and an eventual bath, and this guy started to become the guy he should be. One year later and he’s patrolling the fence line on wobbly legs, profoundly deaf but barking at every car he sees come up the gravel road, and looking forward to every meal. He’s completely bonded to Shelly as she was the one who was here day and night for the first two weeks of his recovery. He rarely leaves her side and always has his eyes on her. We don’t expect Leo will be with us long, he’s got some pretty significant hind end issues and struggles to get up most days, but every day we have him is a gift and we will give him every day he deserves.