Homer, what can we say about this guy? At almost 16 he is the oldest of the Hoagie’s House bunch. He came from Dogs of the Gorge up in Goldendale, Washington. They are fantastic by the way and if you are ever looking to adopt, please go see them. They do so much with so little. Back to Homer, he spent three years with D.O.G. as he has pretty severe food guarding issues and was very, very hard to place. While he is a sweet boy dang near all the time, he can be a pretty violent guy when he thinks someone is trying to take something he deems as his. Food, toys, balls, whatever, if he thinks it’s his, anyone coming into the vicinity is in danger. We manage that on a daily basis and it works. He goes on all our walks, loves an ear rub and although quite deaf, manages to never miss a call to dinner.